NWT Terrazzo


There may be some variation in the colours and textures of the actual product from what appears on the screen.

Pattern Reference 40 x 40 cm 60 x 60 cm 60 x 40 cm 80 x 40 cm Slabs 253 x 142 cm
T001 Cha Cha Cha
T003 Hip Hop
T004 Punk Rock
T006 Samba
T007 Tango
T008 Fandango
T010 Merengue
T011 Salsa
T014 Zumba
T016 Paso Doble
T021 Grey Funk
T022 Charcoal Funk
T030 Khaki Country
T031 Grey Country
T032 Concrete Country
T067 Rose Jazz
T069 Forest Jazz
T098 Kate
T100 Opera
T101 Opera Prima
T110 Ballet
T111 Ballet Prima
T121 Lennon
T210 Percy
T211 Phil
T212 Bruce
T213 Santana
T214 Lou
T215 Cher
T216 Tina
T220 Cobain
T222 Sting
T224 Bono
T225 Aretha
T226 Otis
T227 Baez
T228 Elvis
T230 Marley
T231 Joplin
T232 Amy
T233 Hendrix
T240 Bowie
T241 Jagger
T243 Neil
T244 Elton
T245 Freddie
T246 McCartney
T247 Ringo
T248 Clapton
T250 Beige Reggae
T251 Latte Reggae
T253 Brown Reggae
T255 Golden Yellow Reggae
T256 Miss Pink Reggae
T257 Fresh Green Reggae
T258 Blue Sky Reggae
T260 Johnny
T261 Dolly
T262 Willie
T263 Ricky
T264 Iglesias
T265 Zebra Jazz
T267 Brel
T268 Sinatra
T269 Piaf
T270 Mint Jazz
T271 Marine Jazz
T272 Ocean Jazz
T273 Space Jazz
T290 Night Jazz
T291 Emmylou
T299 Rod

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